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I recently lost 20 lbs and counting.

Now the unfortunate thing is all of my clothing now don't fit. So belts where my best friend for thee past 4 weeks. I have been stabbing new holes in my belt ever 2 weeks till tragedy struck!

My belt broke!

Here it's is Christmas eve and I'm on my way to my my parents house with pants that will hit my ankles within 3 steps.

My options are: 1.) Go shopping on Christmas eve (blahhh) or 2.) improvise!

I choose improvise, The Instructables way!

(At my parents house wrighting this. The belt is so far undetcecable, comfortable and a success!)

Step 1: Frantically Looking

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Wire is perfect!

This is speaker wire from a past project.

The insolation will create friction and hold perfectly agenst it's self!

Step 2: Measure and Cut

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Measure between two belt loops and leave plenty not slack...

Yeah, I'm using scissors to cut wire! Sue me!

I was in a rush!

Step 3: The Slip

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Slip wire threw 2 belt loops.

Step 4: Tie

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Tie a simple knot.

Step 5: Cut

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Cut the wire...

Yes, again I'm using scissors to cut with cause I was rushing out of the house!

Step 6: Ready to Go

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Just to get my shoes on and I'm on my way to my parents house for Christmas eve!

(Wrighting this from parents house. The belt is so far undetcecable, comfortable and a success! )

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