Emergency Box Gift





Introduction: Emergency Box Gift

For this christmas i made this simple tutorial, every year i forget the present for my friend or parents, but i found a simple method to fix this problem!
You need two components:
-empty bag of chips
-paper roll

Chek my video if you don't like read, it's fast and simple:

Step 1: Prepare Your Components

Take the chips bag and wash carefully after cut one piece on one side and check the right size of paper roll

Take the paper roll and push gently for make a elliptical shape

Step 2: Wrap the Paper Roll

Now you wrap your paper roll and fold the chip bag inside the paper roll (on the top of the edge, like the photo)after set with a stapler in 4 point

Step 3: Close the Box

Push the two edge inside on the top of paper roll and set with a little piece of tape, now turn the box upside down and put inside the your small object you want to give.
After, close the open side like the last part.

Step 4: The Tape Fix All

Bring a little band and make a simple ribbon for crewte a special effect.

Your Present is finish!

Happy holiday


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useful! for wherever forgets often :P