Picture of Emergency Candle in a jar
I'm new to instructables, although this isn't my first 'ible. This one is, however, inspired by some of the other instructables on here that I have made. Pocket sized latern for one. I have made several of these from but adding a gift twist, painting the outside with glass paint and picking jars with patterns and interesting shapes.

Anyway it seems the fav is to use altoid tins, but I am going for a jar, the jar I used is an Asda's own peanut butter jar.

So things you need....
a jar with lid
a small box of matches
couple of magnets (or like me a magnetic bookmark thingy)
a wick
a little metal base bit {I reused from a tea light}
candle wax - recycled or new ( i had a bag of paraffin wax)
something to melt the wax - I bought a really cheap sauce pan for this purpose

Decoration - I have some liquid lead or relief outliner & some glass paints. Im also toying with the idea of maybe some chalk board paint - there are 'ibles on them, I have yet to make some as I had a small jar still to use..

ChrysN3 years ago
Great idea, that looks really handy to have around.
Kiteman3 years ago
The matches in the lid are a key design feature - you should add a photo of the magnets glued in place, and of the matches stuck to the inside of the lid.

Nice project, by the way - a perfect way to keep your matches dry.

Oh, I thought of a modification - paint the background of the stuff on the lid in glow-in-the-dark paint. If you keep it on the kitchen windowsill, it will always be findable in an emergency.
cv1284 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
thanks for the quick response, I had the photos of the magnets all uploaded, I just hadn't attached them... they are now attached, Thanks.

Glow in the dark Idea - Brilliant!