Some days ago, my dustpan was broken. Last night, suddenly I woke up with this design in my mind (I was really surprised) and realized this will become an instructable. Here you have!

It has four features:

- Handle.
- Anti-turnover.
- Flexible strip.
- Broom cleaning.

If you cannot buy a new dustpan, this can be useful for some days. And it works fine!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You need:

- Cardboard 30 cm x 36 cm (medium or thick).
- Tube -coming from old dustpan- (if you don't have any, always you can use it without).
- White glue.
- Box tape.
- Ruler and pencil.
- Scissors and cutter.
- Cutting mat (I'm using thick cardboard).

Also some clothespins will help later.
Just some of the things you never think would end up as an instructable, good one.. :-) <br> Here's a smaller and simpler one I have been using for quite a few months now. The handle is one of those metal panels from the rear of a computer case.
Thanks a lot for your photo. Maybe you can consider create an ible about that...
Fantastic! Simple and functional, the way all instructables should be.
sorry i was to late to vote sorry.
Very Very nice! I'm now looking for some cardboard to help me to clean my old wooden floor (;
You're supposed to say it works like a dream.
That's right! :D
Great design, well done.
I like this!
This is very clever! I always use my vaccuum for cleaning up my floors, but if you need a cheap/free dustpan, this is really great! Very nice instructable. :D

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