This Instructable will show you how I was able to hack a way to charge my MacBook Pro and iPhone without a travel charger while in Korea.

Step 1: Identify the Problem...

I'm in Korea right now, and I was planning to stay at a westernized hotel which I knew had US style AC power outlets. So I didn't bother bringing my international travel AC adapter. But at the last minute, I was offered the amazing opportunity to stay in an authentic historic Korean house called Irang through a service similar to AirBnB called Kozaza. I even met the founder of Kozaza, a very kind gentleman named SanKu Jo. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! SanKu was nice enough to drive me to the Irang House. After he briefed me on the features of the house, he left. But I soon noticed that all the AC outlets were the Asian 2-prong round type. And here I was without any adapters, and my MacBook Pro and iPhone were down to about 10% power. So what would I do? Simple...as a Maker, I got right to work.
I would test this method on something less expensive then a MacBook, but it works either way!
Ingenious, though the exposed conductors makes me nervous. I hope you didn't go out and return later to find the chambermaid dead from electrocution.
You're scarin' me, Jim... But that's okay... <br> <br>I am a lifelong electrical guy, I once saw an electrical contractor at McDonald's stretch #12 THHN across a wet floor for an emergency extension cord - made me uncomfy, but it worked!
A few years ago I went on vacation and forgot to bring the camera charger. I solved it in a similar way to this, adapting with clips the phone charger. It proved to be an excellent solution.

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