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Introduction: Emergency Charge for Your Smartphone

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Hi makers

in this instructables i show how to make a simply emergency charge battery.

you need only few components:

-9 volt battery

-Key (or other metallic conductive object)

-charge battery

-the cable for your device

if you want, here you can see the video of this ible:

Step 1: Connect the Device

Use your cable for connect the device to your Car charger

Step 2: Use the Key

Use your Key to create a Bridge for your contact, in this case the Minus.

remember to NOT Confuse the two poles (+,-)

Step 3: Connect the Battery

Now you have finish

you only connect the battery and your smartphone begin to charge!

thank you for your attention


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    Can I make this with smaller batteries like the CR2032 and LR44 batteries

    2 replies

    What is the voltage of the CR2032 and LR44?
    If is low under 4 volt you can connect in series

    CR2032 = 3 V, 235 mAh

    LR44 = 1.45 V, 145 mAh

    Im doing this for a science fair project. Not going so well. :(

    1 reply

    Why? What is the problem?

    yeah great idea!!!!!!!!!!! :D XD

    I made one of these out of similar ways. If you take the part that goes into the 12V outlet apart, you'll find you can make this but smaller than the 9V battery.

    can it does not effect the battery of the phone because i heard that if we use more voltage than the required than the battery life goes less and it is dangers for mobile battery because there is varitation in the voltage during charing.

    Does this effect to battery?

    haha this is amazing, made a case for it and works like a charm!


    Worked so well!!!

    Nice info thanks for sharing, well I am having this http://www.sfcable.com/2029-SF-17.html will it work!!

    I just love this kind of 'ibles!

    It's simple enough to be actually useful in an emergancy situation, everything needed are just a few very common items and the great idea, which is so easy, it's highly unlikely you'll forget about it anytime soon.

    Thanks for making instructables worth reading. Thumbs up!

    1 reply

    My thoughts exactly!

    This actually works really well, especially if you hook up multiple batteries together by soldering wires

    I made an instructable about this but, I really like your scenario and basic materials! Good job