What if one day, you are on Mount Everest, at your friends house or just at home and then suddenly wants to get into the Christmas spirit, but you haven't got a nice candlelight by your side? Fear not! The Pocket Christmas Candle is here!

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
- A mint tin
- Small birthday candles
- Clay
- Matches and strike strips
- Moss
- Tack-it

- A small gift ribbon
- A very small pine cone
<p>Good idea, maybe I'll make a pocket Chanukia</p>
<p>What a cool idea! Thanks!</p>
For a second it looked like marijuana haha
Haha, I thought so too. There's a spin-off idea
Haha, I thought so too. There's a spin-off idea
Well.. It's not :P
I actually think this is very cool!....
Wow thank you :D It was actually something i just made up :)
Got my vote!...
Oh, I love that!
Thank you :)

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