Step 4:

Add sour (Trader Joe's Lemonade) to taste 

Next step is to drink it, or combine it into a bigger bottle for transport .

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! burp hic 
StuNutt3 years ago
Just one little, minor, niggle - Grants (full name Grants Standfast, at least here in UK) isn't Whiskey . . . . . . it's Whisky! - Scottish Malt, as opposed to American Rye.

Otherwise it's a nice 'ible and a handy tip - Thanks ;)
jackthursby (author)  StuNutt3 years ago
the spelling has nothing to do with whats in the mash. the government that regulates the labels does the spelling.

Whiskey, is also a generic term covering all spirits distilled for a mash grain.
Hi Jack - it was just a little leg-pull about "American-English" spelling, and our (much superior) Malt Whisky as made in Scotland ;-)

But does a bottle of Grant's really have "whiskEy" on the label if they are exporting to USA?
jackthursby (author)  StuNutt3 years ago
I agree, that Webster jury has I lot to answer for. I'm off to trader jo's later on for a wee dram. I'll check. I'm off to nz on tuseday, I will have a look there to.

Check out Trader VIC's - If it's still going!