Here's how to make some emergency crampons for walking on snow and ice. They are made out of easy to find chain and paracord and can be kept in a plastic sandwich bag. You can keep them at home, but a better place is probably in your car. The paracord uses an adjustable knot to fit over whatever pair of shoes you are wearing and won't cut into them like an all-chain crampon might. These things give you amazing traction even walking on ice. They could easily save you from a nasty fall.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The two essential supplies would be chain and paracord. These can be found at home improvement stores or discount stores. I used #3 chain which worked well. The size of the chain isn't the most important thing, just make sure you don't get so big of a chain that you can't cut through them with wire cutters. I used a lighter to melt the ends of the paracord so it didn't fray. The spit rings and carabiners aren't absolutely essential, but are nice to have. You can get split rings at craft stores. Consider getting a pair of split ring pliers to hold the rings open when you are working with them (that's the tool in the upper right hand corner next to the rings).

  1. paracord 550 or equivalent
  2. #3 chain
  3. split rings (optional)
  4. split ring pliers (optional)
  5. carabiners (optional)
  6. scissors or knive to cut paracord
  7. lighter to melt ends of paracord to keep them from fraying
  8. wire snips or cutters
Thanks, I made the similar but added some elastic cord to keep it put
<p>cool idea -- snow , now I remember that!!</p>
<p>Hey, just wanted to give this tip: YakTrax aren't made in toddler and small child sizes, so this Instructable is especially useful for parents (and aunts and uncles-- these would make a great gift)! <br><br>I know, I know-- kids fall down all the time anyway. But some of them have a limited tolerance for it, and I am all for anything that increases the amount of outdoor playtime in the cold months. </p>
<p>That's great! I never thought of kids.</p>
<p>this past winter(2013/2014) I took a piece of a semi tire tread I found on the highway, cut it to fit my boots, put 6 grommets in them(3 per side) &amp; then drove nails thru the rubber tire tread for traction. To fasten this to my boots, I used paracord.</p><p>Worked great until a city cop saw them &amp; threatened me with jail time if I didn't remove them...</p>
I used them when I went ice fishing they worked great
<p>That's wonderful!</p>
<p>Yes! They work great. I tried walking on ice with and without them and the difference is astounding. It's amazing what some cheap chain and cord can do!</p>
<p>Very nice! I'll bet you could do this with the chains and tiny bungee cords too.</p>
just finished making them, easy and perfect! Again, great 'ible! Also the Blake's Hitch works great for adjustment!
This is great! Voted!
<p>So nice! I wish you'd shared this before. I will definatelly try these.</p>

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