Picture of Emergency Cufflinks.
This is what happened to me the other day. I had my sleeves rolled up. After reaching office I realized it was one of those shirts with cufflink holes and of course I left the cufflinks at home!

Step 1: Step 1 - Get a Clip

Picture of Step 1 - Get a Clip
Easy fix, all you need is a U-clip! (or a 'paper clip' depending on where you live)
cahoonz2 years ago
I had to use these this week away on business..... Worked brilliantly and agree that they look like a minimal cuff link
The square style paperclips look surprisingly good - I think it would be easy to look at these and think they were a minimal cufflink, not office supplies. I'll remember this in case I ever forget mine.
lllshreelll (author)  surrealdreams2 years ago
Hey thanks :)
about time you made another one congrates . i may just try that out and give it to my father for his birthday.
lllshreelll (author)  hellmaster9932 years ago
Hey thanks! This is an emergency fix. So if you're planning to gift it, then maybe you could decorate it or, personalize it. Better than gifting plain paper clips :D