Once I got started, this ible tapped my ancient military training/skills and it took on a life of its' own. (It also led to other duct tape ideas resulting in brain overload, duct tape dreams and a measurable lack of sleep. Thanks Instructables!)

There is always room for design improvement with any DIY project. This duct tape stretcher won't win a beauty contest, but it's dang sure strong and competent enough to get your injured buddy where they need to go.

This emergency stretcher is just this: for use in an emergency. Always use caution in transporting an injured person. 

Step 1: Getting Started


Duct tape
Sharp knife (if you value your teeth or your dentures)
2 Poles- 5' Long (or longer) and STURDY!

I used 2 push-broom poles, but in the field you'd be improvising with tree branches, driftwood, old fence posts, etc. If you're using small trees or  tree branches, strip the bark as needed and clean the poles as best you can. Work quickly but don't cut yourself. Green wood poles will work, but the drier the poles, the better the duct tape will adhere to it. 

Always test dry poles or branches against your knee. If they don't snap, they're good.

<p>Nice one!!!</p>
hey could imake it fold down to small squre
I need to mow my lawn. But it isn't through growing yet so why bother?
Very good idea. Thanks for posting it.
Thanks very much!
hey just a thought add coution sheets and wellla a comfoy strecher briallnt
I hear you!
yeah i was wondering
Great idea <br><br>Thanks for the post
that looks liek a perfectly servicable stretcher (if the right poles were used) of course that would also mean you were stuck out in the boonies with a full roll of ducktape and no blanket or other large cloth but still, a very good idea and a well put together &quot;ible&quot;

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