Picture of Emergency Fishhooks
Fishhooks and fishing line are a common part of any survival kit. Having these allows you to catch fish and to have food for dinner. But what if you're stranded and you don't have any fishhooks? Well, I show here how you can make your own fishhook, all out of things you could find in a survival situation.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Picture of Gather the Materials
What you will need:
-A section of thorny brush. The thorns from a bush or another type of plant will be the hook part of your fishhook. I used a section from a rose bush.
-A bit of thin cordage. The cordage will lash and keep your hook together. I used some basic thread for this. In a real survival situation you could make the cordage from dried nettle fibers.
-Some adhesive. The adhesive will aid in keeping the hook together. Some rubber cement will do, but in a survival situation where rubber cement isn't present, pine resin should be used. You can find out how to make pine resin here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Natural-Glue/
-A feather. The center of the feather will be used as the structure and for the eye of your hook. The feather needs to be big enough to be split by a knife, the bigger the core the easier it is to work with. I used a couple varieties I found at the beach.
-A knife. The feather will need to be shaved and split, so a knife is needed. I used a standard Swiss knife.
-*OPTIONAL* A roll of aluminum foil. Some parts of this can be messy, so the foil protects your surfaces.
-*OPTIONAL* A pair of scissors. Scissors can help with trimming and cutting the cordage. A knife could do all of the things scissors can, but some things a bit more difficult.
-*OPTIONAL* Some Q-Tips. Q-Tips make spreading the adhesive easier.
WWC3 years ago
I have caught Salmon using a belt buckle lure with hook tied at the end. In Valdez Alaska.
DeeRilee3 years ago
This is very cool!!!!! I also loved your tree resin glue!
TheREAL_Xman (author)  DeeRilee3 years ago
thanks, that is nice of you to say!
deqwer3 years ago
do you have any evidence or picture you can actually catch a fish with this?
Oh come on now... I have caught fish on homemade lures before, made from bottle caps and safety pins... get out there and have fun with something you made! If you catch something, great! If not, head over to the food section and make something else for dinner.