Step 2: Strip the Feather

Strip off the feather part of the feather, keeping the stem. Run your knife against the natural position of the blades. The blades will become lose and can be pulled off with your hands. Continue on the other side of the feather. You just need to strip off most of the blades; you won't be using the whole feather. This bladeless feather will eventually be worked into your fishhook.
I have caught Salmon using a belt buckle lure with hook tied at the end. In Valdez Alaska.
This is very cool!!!!! I also loved your tree resin glue!
thanks, that is nice of you to say!
do you have any evidence or picture you can actually catch a fish with this?
Oh come on now... I have caught fish on homemade lures before, made from bottle caps and safety pins... get out there and have fun with something you made! If you catch something, great! If not, head over to the food section and make something else for dinner.

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