Emergency Hookah Coal Making





Introduction: Emergency Hookah Coal Making

What to do when you run out of hookah coals? Run into the forest and make your own darn coals!

Step 1: Find Some Wood

Go outside and find some wood about the size of a finger or sausage.
You then need to peal the bark off of it and break it/Dremel it into little pieces.

Step 2: Dry the Wood

Put the pieces of wood into the oven at 400 degress and dry for about 15min.
REmove the wood and place onto a hot stove top until a flame is produced.

Step 3: Amost Done!

Let the wood burn until it begins looking like a coal. Be sure to turn off both the oven and the stove at this point. Now set your coals upon the hookad and enjoy!



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    Gonna try this with cedar, got tons of cedar chips left over from a project.

    Thanks soo much im a young hookah smoker new to this ur a god

    this works but lasts far too short. it will work for emergency coal. but i need actual coal of which can last quite a while. i have hear that grilling coal has harsh chemical and there are no shop around me of which i can purchase from can anyone tell me a greatt way of doing this . it would be great thanks

    worked fine for me =) but yap it goes fast =/

    i have a wood stove in my house that i just pulled a hot coal out of one night. it worked great. little woody taste to begin, but went away after a short bit. much better tasting then a lot of the quick lights out there. plus since i have the wood stove i didnt have to worry about it being smokey in my house.

    few problems with using these coals:

    1) ash is a terrible mess. the slightest airflow will leave it snowing ash in your house

    2) heat control - too small of pieces then you need a ton of it, and they burn out fast. too large of pieces will burn the heck out of your shisha

    Cool! But how does the wood affect the taste?

    i tried it myself... if you do it right youll get a slight woody tatse to begin with, but it quickly goes away

     try the husk from a young coconut it seems to be working ....right now...no super weird taste.  just burny.  is that a softwood?  i dont know, prolly, who made that rule anyway. i feel like peeps had to be doin this for years...oh noes wait, my brains!

    some natural coals on the market are already made from this... Coconara for example

    Just remember to select a hardwood. Inhaling fumes from softwoods isn't a good idea.