Here is a pocket size emergency kit that can easily fit inside a small purse or pocket.  We never know what might happen to us if we were to break down in our car or get lost on a camping trip.  Using a  woman's compact could save your life.  

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 used woman's compact with mirror.
  • 1 Very large sewing needle.
  • 2 Strips of duct tape.
  • 1 Small magnet.
  • Scraps of fine sand paper.
  • Strike anywhere matches with a strip from a match book cover for lighting them.  
  • Small strip of Wax paper.
  • Morse code.
  • Scissors.

or you could omit the striker strip if they are STRIKE ANYWHERE matches, hence the name "strike anywhere" matches
Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
You should make a transmitter! it would be great to add to the kit so you can communicate with people if you are ever lost! Great ible 5 *
It would be great to add a transmitter! Thanks for rating. Thanks for commenting! Have a beautiful day!<br>sunshiine
Great idea, the Morse Code is a great idea!
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Informative! Thanks for sharing!!!
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I believe its &quot;Morse&quot; Code, not &quot;Morris&quot; Code ;)
Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
Unless those are strike anywhere matches they will not light up using the sandpaper...
Thanks for your comment. I added strike anywhere matches to my page. Have a great day! sunshiine

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