Makeshift Emergency Flat Screen Tv


Introduction: Makeshift Emergency Flat Screen Tv

For those boring times when SHTF

Items needed:
•Generator/Power source
•Tv Magnifier
•Some sort of audio speaker/amplifier

Step 1: Have Some Tv Shows/Movies Ready

You can download movies on your computer, but you should also have some back up files on a USB or disk just in case the other option fails

Step 2: Get a Generator to Provide Back Up Power for Your Laptop/Computer

Step 3: Get an Old Tv Magnifier

Bought mine at a garage sale for 2 bucks

Step 4: Plug Your Audio Speaker to Your Computer

To project the sound better so you can hear

Step 5: Use Your Magnifier to Make the Image Better

You may have to adjust the magnifier to get the image right

*Image doesn't give Instructable justice*

Step 6: Sit Back and Enjoy Your New Flat Screen From Afar :)



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