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From the department of Random and slightly useful things to know: I was hiking out in the middle of nowhere one day when the button on my favorite camping pants just plain fell off. Fortunately for me, I had a key with me.

Step 1: Just do it.

Picture of Just do it.
Once again, The pictures explain a lot. Make a small hole where the button used to be. Take your key and thread the key ring through the hole. The key fits through the button hole sticks out. You can fold it under a belt loop or run the key from the outside-in and just tuck it down. You will be the coolest person ever and soon the whole world will be wearing this. More cool drawings at http://www.dejapong.com

(forehead thwack) d'oh! it's so easy why couldn't I think of that?

thanx for sharing...

elssid1 year ago
Genius .....
vincent75202 years ago
Ah !… At last I found the key to my pants !!!…

Bright idea.

Thanks for sharing.
Steamfunk4 years ago
Brilliant, very useful, even if you're not camping.
LennyTheDub5 years ago
I lost a button hole once!

No seriously though, I drilled a couple of holes in a quarter and used that as a button. Worked well.
I found the button hole you lost,
No you cant have it back, I keep my keys in it !
Brilliantly simple idea dejapong.
That is a neat trick. Thanks!
lycoris35 years ago
cool, never thought of using a key like that. My sis says: sickly interesting.
RelientOwl5 years ago
Simply Genius!
fluent5 years ago
lol Great idea! That happened to me and luckily my pants were held up by the zipper only :) I still have those jeans so I might keep 'em around now lol
i cant think of how many times i have been on a job site only to realize i have forgotten my belt. recently i had a button pull through. a zip tie worked to sinch up the slack between belt loops and a zip tie on the back of the button gave it enough to hold it in. two zip ties and a days work salvaged.
nice idea ingenious!
the buttons on my pants break all the time ~stupid frenchys~ and i never thought using a key.
tolérance. respect pour différentes cultures. svp
Esmagamus6 years ago
My keyring has a hangman's noose I've made myself. When a button goes to hell, I just untie the noose and tie my pants back together When I was getting ready for my driving examination, the button on my pants fell. "Dammn, there's no time to get another pair ready!" So, I glued the button back in place! Never failed!
Holly E.6 years ago
Oh please just dont to use a car key. ohhhhh my mazda.
bobhill1256 years ago
itll look a little wierd when your try to open you door by humping it
Pwag bobhill1256 years ago
Hahahahahaha You could do this same thing with a twig too, whittle it down, smooth the edges if you wanna be fancy and do the same thing. That way you don't have to hump your door open...
well thats what i do anyways
katy9997 years ago
how smart! here's what I do: take a rubber band. loop it around the button of pants jeans and thru the hole. bring it back around to the button. wear a long shirt over the pants. a good inch or so. good for emergencies!
But when you get home, to get in your house you either have to look like you're performing an obscene act with your front door or take the key out and let your pants drop in front of the neighbors.
If you can pull this button hack off, you are clearly too sexy for your pants.
the title mislead me. i saw a key and thought it was some misson impossible stuff. oh well
Junkernaut8 years ago
paper clip will work too or a carbiner The Macguyver is strong in this one.
lol...farewell to the sewing box industry! =P
kenneth12479 years ago
This is a great thing to know. Thanks!
spinach_dip9 years ago
Hmmm... One helluva useful tip... got to try it out once in a while
Ironfu9 years ago
Not only does it look nice but the shinny object dangling there will accentuate your genitals. Finally a simple solution for all the light up belt buckles and "The Man The Legend" t-shirts I’ve purchased. I really do enjoy it, good job.