Emergency Pants Button





Introduction: Emergency Pants Button

From the department of Random and slightly useful things to know: I was hiking out in the middle of nowhere one day when the button on my favorite camping pants just plain fell off. Fortunately for me, I had a key with me.

Step 1: Just Do It.

Once again, The pictures explain a lot. Make a small hole where the button used to be. Take your key and thread the key ring through the hole. The key fits through the button hole sticks out. You can fold it under a belt loop or run the key from the outside-in and just tuck it down. You will be the coolest person ever .



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    (forehead thwack) d'oh! it's so easy why couldn't I think of that?

    thanx for sharing...

    Genius .....

    Ah !… At last I found the key to my pants !!!…

    Bright idea.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Brilliant, very useful, even if you're not camping.

    I lost a button hole once!

    No seriously though, I drilled a couple of holes in a quarter and used that as a button. Worked well.


    I found the button hole you lost,
    No you cant have it back, I keep my keys in it !
    Brilliantly simple idea dejapong.

    cool, never thought of using a key like that. My sis says: sickly interesting.

    lol Great idea! That happened to me and luckily my pants were held up by the zipper only :) I still have those jeans so I might keep 'em around now lol