Introduction: Emergency Phone Charger

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Make an Emergency phone charger at very low cost at home ....

Step 1: How to Make Emergency Phone Charger

Step 2: Materiel Required

1) BO Motor;

2) Bottle cap;

3) A Metal rod(1.8mm);

4) LED;



7)5v Battery;

9)Female USB;

10)Male header;

11)1k Resistor;

12)Connecting wire;


14)Dotted Veroboard

Step 3: Make a Handel

Picture of Make a Handel

Create a hole at the center of a bottle cap, to attach with BO motor shaft then fix it with the glue gun.

Bend the small pics of metal rod like L shape.

Now create 2 hole side of the bottle cap, and fix it with the glue gun.

Step 4: Test

Picture of Test

Solder a wire to the terminal of the motor ..

And test how much it produce,

Step 5: Circuit Board and Connection

Picture of Circuit Board and Connection

Make a circuit board using the same circuit and components.

And also connect the circuit board with the generator and the battery.

Step 6: Ready to Charge

Picture of Ready to Charge

You can charge the battery and use it when you want.

Or you can just connect your phone direct and charge it

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