Emergency Power Bank





Introduction: Emergency Power Bank

Hi friends, in this instructable i am gonna share you how i made this simple emergency power bank.

This is a quick and simple diy and also cheap.

Step 1: Collect the Things That Needed.

A few things are needed.

1. Take a dead 9 V battery, break it down and take the connector clip alone.

2. A small piece of copper clad board.

3. 7805 voltage regulator (SMD).

4. USB female port.

Step 2: Make the Circuit.

The circuit is really simple one with 7805 regulator IC.

Using the circuit diagram ,7805 and USB port ,draw a layout diagram on a piece of copper clad board.

Then do the chemical etching process using ferric chloride.

Step 3: Solder the Components

Solder the components carefully on the board.

Step 4: Final Finishing Work...!

  • Connect +ve and -ve wires from the pcb to the connecting clip of 9 V battery.
  • Now fix them together using hot glue.

Step 5: Its Ready....!

Now the 5V USB emergency power bank is ready.

Have fun :)



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    Congats for your EPB, i will try make one with a LM7805CT, withou PCB :)

    This is pretty cool.

    Small portable for out door and on the move use, good one.

    Nice simple project, however good practice for using a voltage regulator such as the 7805, is to place capacitors on both the input and output. This will increase the stability and is shown in the data sheet for this part. https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/LM7805.pdf

    I know it. But I avoided those capacitors to make it miniature.


    Might you be able to stay miniature with SMD ceramic capacitors? Pretty sure the datasheet doesn't demand a big juicy electrolytic.