Emergency Seam Repair

Everyone has had one of those moments where, you are doing some work, unsuspectingly you bend over and..........

Then This Happens!!!

No worries, You are in luck, you can make a few repairs and it costs little time and money and it is super strong, even in the seams of the seat of your pants.

It won't take the big cash out of your wallet either, and is easy to do, too.

Step 1: Step 1: What You Will Need.

  1. A Hot Glue Gun, preferably one that has two temperature settings.
  2. A non stick, or heat resistant surface that can tolerate a little hot glue. I used an old piece of 1 x 6 as my board to work on.
  3. A pair of scissors, sewing scissors or even a pair of shears for paper with a sharp edge that can cut the strings or fabric of denim or cotton.

<p>I can't say I've ever hot glued my pants together! But this looks like a quick way to get a little more life out of your jeans. </p><p>Thanks for sharing this!</p>
Welcome, I was at work, imagine my terror when I bent over! But I made it through the day because I am not around a lot of people. But somewhere during the day it dawned on me I could do a repair without having extensive time spent sewing and stitching every single little thread.<br>Paracord would have been my other option to stitch it shut, but that would take 5 hours carefully hand sewing everything.<br>Wish I had a nice sewing machine though at times!
<p>I can't see how this would be very durable.Have you tried washing them yet? If so how well did it hold up? I gotta try this !!</p>
Durable is a broad spectrum term. I glued the pants up, gave them a really good tug, and the seam held, of course if I pulled much harder it would have started ripping the fabric where it was still weak from previous wear. I haven't washed these pant at all since, plan to do that tomorrow.<br>But, I do have another project I have extensively run under water, a watch I wear all the time, work with in water and have glued the band Velcro on many times and the glue holds well. I can imagine it is pretty good glue.<br>Thanks for the comments!

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