Picture of Emergency Steak
So you prep your meat with care, seasoning it and planing all of your side dishes to make a memorable meal... Only to discover you don't have any propane in the grill. Oh no! now what? well, you could make an emergency steak.


-Steak!!!!! I used thin cut rib eye.
-Spices, whatever you usually put on your steak. For me it was garlic powder, soy sauce, oregano, salt and pepper.
-Emergency veggies, whatever you have at hand. I had button mushrooms and red onions.
-Herbs, I didn't have any, but fresh basil or scallions would have been heavenly.
-Olive oil

A side dish. I was already making brasilian rice, so that is what we had.

Step 1:

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No grill? no problem. Fire up you oven, turn it up to 450 F and let it get really hot.

Prep and season your veggies while you wait. Dice the onions and quarter the mushrooms. Season with the salt, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil and a splash of soy sauce. If you don't have it just use balsamic vinegar.

Arrange everything in a shallow cookie sheet. Is your oven super hot yet?
hmerchant1 year ago
I saw a recipe for emergency steak using hamburger,I think it was from the 1960s I much prefer your version!
9b4z1l2 years ago
Yum yum yummy!
botgames2 years ago
Sounds delicious. I love steak. Will definitely try this. Will maybe add a veggie. Thanks