When stuck in the woods, why take a chance by testing fruits and plants to see if they're poisonous, or attempting to fish but being alluded due to light refraction? Why not go hunting? Hmm, but you don't have your high-quality $500 hunting bow? No problem! With just a swiss army knife, you can make a cheap temporary bow for survival out of just a branch and some paracord. Matching survival arrowhead and arrow here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Emergency-Survival-Arrowhead-Pendant/#intro

Step 1: Select Branch

I used a very soft live pine branch. I recommend a live branch so that it is easy to get it to bend in the beginning.
If you're in an unexpected survival situation, there's a good chance you won't have any paracord. In this case, you can strip the bark in long strips from young green saplings and twist several layers together to make a strong string.
<p>I don't know about that most people looking at this post probably have it somewhere on them, lanyard, shoe laces, key chain, bracelet, necklace, knife handle, watch strap....etc, that being said I agree it's good to know how to make cordage from natural supplies.</p>
Great 'ible, but don't use pine because it is a softwood tree. Use a hardwood like oak or yew.

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