Emergency USB Charger on the Cheap


Introduction: Emergency USB Charger on the Cheap

As the video doesn't show on all mobile devices, here's the YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZbhzAKcIMw

If you've ever been out hiking, or been away from powered civilization for any length of time, you've surely run into the issue of how to power your devices. Portable power banks and solar chargers works great, but cost quite a lot of money. In this instructable I show you how to create your own portable charger, using materials which can be gathered for peanuts. Let's get started!


Car USB charger/cigarette lighter to USB converter
Battery holder for 8 AA batteries
8 AA batteries
Snap battery connector
On/off switch


Soldering iron
X-acto knife
Wire cutters

Now watch the video and make your own charger, and never fret again that you will have charge when you're out and about!

Stay classy Instructables!



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    This is really a very good idea. Looks nice in the box too.
    One question though, if phones usually charge on 4.5 volts, what is the purpose of using 12 volts in this?

    2 replies

    Coz he uses 12v cat charger

    Car *

    thanks for this great idea. It's simple and cheap. You are a giniouse

    This has got to be the most well done usb charger I've ever seen very good