Picture of Emergency Unisex Urinal!
Instructables wants to see me solve a real problem with what I've got on hand. "Remember, MacGyver made stuff out of necessity, not just because he could. We're looking for the most ingenious solutions to problems you face in your everyday life."

Ha Ha!  This is a challenge!

I had to think really hard about an urgent problem that would NEED to be solved with materials on hand!

Most of the things I came up with were “nice to have” or “nice to make” types of things.  I had to prioritize my ideas.

Was it a matter of:
  • Life or Death?
  • Danger of Physical Injury?
  • Damage to Property?
  • Extremely embarrassing situations?
  • Embarassing Situations?
  • Mildly embarrassing situation?
  • Things that you would like to have NOW rather than Later?
  • Stuff you don’t really need at all?

While this situation isn’t life or death, it has definite damage to property and embarrassing situations merit and possibly danger of physical injury (bladder explosion).

I also felt that there should be some restrictions and limitations put on the supplies and tools available to me.

Then I thought about my car.  I love my car!  I could live in my car and it has TONS of stuff in it!  But the basics, I think would be:

  • Duct Tape and a Cutting Tool (Knife/Utility Knife/Razor Blade/or Scissors).
  • And a pen and paper.
  • And a spare pair of glasses.
  • And a book to read.

Background:  On our island, there are certain key roads/ highways that if there is an accident or other emergency, or if President Obama happens to be visiting, you can find yourself stuck for hours!  And, if you didn't use the toilet before getting in your car, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Scenario:  I am stuck in traffic.  The freeway is closed and my car isn't moving.  Everyone has turned off their engines because we heard that there was a huge accident and it isn't expected to clear up for a couple of hours.  I will eventually have to pee.  I only have what is in my car to work with.

beme20131 year ago
People really can make everything and anything out of duct tape
handprints (author)  beme20131 year ago
pretty much. thanks for the comment!