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On this instructable we show you how we made our Emergency candle, some people may think this
is a bit pointless, but if you live in a poor country that has blackouts or can not afford to leave a light on all the time this may be the perfect thing for you, hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment on what you think !

Step 1: Step 1.

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These are the supplies you will need to gather in order to make your Emergency Candle!
1. A few candles, We only used the large tee tree candles.
2. 1 Altoid tin.
3. Matches, And the striker of the pack.
I know this is a stupid question, but are you supposed to take a match off to light the candle, or... I don't really get it. :/
pher sov3 years ago
you could use ANY container, but not too high, and combine with the cardboard idea to improve the system if necessary
Browncoat6 years ago
Great idea to put in the car for wintertime too! :)
but will burn the plastic dashboard or seats when hot..
TopCatTC4 years ago
I fail to see the point oft his? You already have those small tea candles that you could just stick in a tin with some matches.

I dont think it'll work anyway as once the three wicks are lite heat will build up in the tin and the wax will melt and then the wicks will fall over and snuff themselves out. .... unless you use the wicks from the teacandles as they have a small round disc that supports the wick in an upright position.
exact... and the material for the wicks is also important.. wich one do you use ? cotton ?? some wicks can malfunction..
I love the idea! I think im gonna do that!
skater78326 years ago
you stole this idea from EaKLondon.
Try not to be so confrontational. Altoid tins are a common container to use for many purposes... it was only a matter of time before someone would come up with the same great idea. BTW, I made one of these candles, and am adding a mirror inside and magnets to the back.
What are the magnets for? Put on a fridge perhaps? Now that I'm thinking about it, that may not be a bad place to put these; in the event of power outage, they would be in one place.

Fridge magnets with a purpose. :)
DenseJungle (author)  Oroka6 years ago
nice :) sounds good send a pic wen dun ?
DenseJungle (author)  skater78326 years ago
whos that :S:S
Derek Vigil4 years ago
Hehe, altoids dinamite.
Probably don't want to keep this in the car over the hot summer.  I've seen candles melt in the dead heat of summer (especially inside a car that is significantly hotter than the air outside of the car.)
thepelton6 years ago
Like I said on a similar altoids candle comment line, you can use beeswax, which you don't have to buy in candle form and is probably fairly cheap, as well as not making soot on the ceiling.
Simply but really handy. When the power fails you wouldn't have to scavange for candles and a lighter.
Oroka6 years ago
Another idea I thought of to take this to the next level... use citronella wax for the candle. This way it will act as a bug repellent as well as a emergency candle. Last thing you want is to have to deal with flies when the power is out ;)
thepelton6 years ago
This is a nice idea! I was thinking that you could use a piece of sandpaper (glasspaper) for the striker. Probably about 1 square inch of 200 grit. It would be something to put in a car's glove compartment for emergency use, and maybe a litte safer than the jelly jar lamp I have also seen on these pages.
that will only work with strike anywhere matches. normal matches dont contain phosphorous, the ingredient that ignites the matches at low temperatures, - it is on the box's striker. strike anywhere matches have phosphorous in the tips so friction will ignite them on sandpaper. granted, strik anywhere matches would be a better idea for survival or emergencies
The other day, I was talking with a lady that ran a honey and bee product store, and she said that beeswax candles not only are easy to make, but I also found out from another source that they burn without making soot.
EaKLondon6 years ago
Your emergency candle has a nicer look then the one I made, I should of did three wicks like yours and I like the tee tree candles.
Oroka6 years ago
Excellent idea! Only way I could suggest to make it even more efficient is to glue a magnet to the back, and mount it on your fridge. Easy to find in those emergencies!
PKM Oroka6 years ago
Great idea- and if you have any adhesive glow in the dark stars or other decorations, stick one to the lid so you can find it in complete darkness after the lights go out. These are presumably cheap enough that you could leave one in every room if you live somewhere that prone to blackouts.
2fst4u6 years ago
hey this is actually a brilliant idea. im ACTUALLY going to try this. well done. this would also be another great outdoors survival item
DenseJungle (author) 6 years ago
sure will do when have time thanks mate, please vote for in the pocket sized contest cheers!
lemonie6 years ago
Cool! (light it and post a pic?) L