Picture of Emergency candle.
On this instructable we show you how we made our Emergency candle, some people may think this
is a bit pointless, but if you live in a poor country that has blackouts or can not afford to leave a light on all the time this may be the perfect thing for you, hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment on what you think !
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Step 1: Step 1.

Picture of Step 1.
These are the supplies you will need to gather in order to make your Emergency Candle!
1. A few candles, We only used the large tee tree candles.
2. 1 Altoid tin.
3. Matches, And the striker of the pack.

Step 2: Step 2.

Picture of Step 2.
You now want to start by chopping the candles into a pan, Try and chop these up into as many small pieces as possible, This will speed the melting process up!

Step 3: Step 3.

Picture of Step 3.
You now want to put it on the stove and leave it until all the wax has melted into a transparent liquid.
Then pour the melted wax into the bottom of the Altoid tin (Do not fill to far other wise it will spill out the
hinges of the tin.) Once that you have it all in the bottom of the tin, now add the candle wicks.

Step 4: Step 4.

Picture of Step 4.
Once you have placed the wicks in, And made sure the wick reaches the bottom of the tin, Place the tin carefully into the fridge and leave to set.

Warning !!

When doing this, do not spill the was onto your skin as it is extremely hot and will give you serious burns!

Step 5: Step 5.

Picture of Step 5.
Now all that there is left to do is, Add some good quality matches and a the striker, normally located on the side of the pack of matches, we used army waterproof matches so in our case the striker was on the back.

Step 6: Finished Product!

Picture of Finished Product!
Well done your Altoid Emergency Candle set is all done.
Have fun and we hope it comes in handy on many occasions!