Picture of Emergency light with steampunk technology
Hello everybody
In one of my former instructables I explained the way to work with High Voltage by using a flash module of an disposal camera.
Now I want to present you an project which followed this. All the photos had been taken and the different components had been put togtether. Then a new idea came in my mind. I tried to put the three components: an CFL-Tube, an modified electronic from an disposal camera, and the two AA batteries for using 3,0 Volts toghter in one big PET -Preform Tube to create an Emergency Light.
So Look at my "Emergency Light Torch":

It creates enaugh light to find your way out if it is dark inside a house or if your car is broken down on outside a city or village or so. Even when you sleep in a tent while your are doing camping you can use it very well.  I only changed the switch and all other parts fit closed together.
To show the way how it works I decided to give you a glance without the steampunk wrapping with a copper tube and some brass elements. This outfit will follow later;-)))

Step 1: The circuit

Picture of The circuit
You probably remember this picture fom my other instructable:
High-voltage-power-supply-for-Nixies-CFL-Neon-Glow lamps....

In this emergency torch I used all of these parts you see on the picture except the switch.
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if u use a longer tube. then use flexible solar panels. and rechargeable batterys. if done right uill have foreveer light.
pro52003 years ago
can i use 3 volts, with button cell CR2032 ?
and how long durability?
I want to form a smaller lights & cute
very likely not. CR Lithium cells are only able to run so much amperage, and the voltage will sag when you try to pull enough power to run a CFL.
Junophor (author)  pro52003 years ago
This lamp will probably run with this button cell. I´m sorry but I do not know how long it will last. Try it and tell us your experience. I suppose it will shine for only some hours because there are not so many Ampere-hours in.....

Cheers Aeon Junophor
ABHIJAY2 years ago
Junophor (author)  ABHIJAY2 years ago

All information about the electronic parts you can find in this instructable of mine
The construction of the lamp itself can bee seen above. The inner parts to hold the electronic parts and the cfl are made of vulcanized fiber but you also can use PVC pieces or small pieces of plywood
zorba020082 years ago
can we use lithium 3.7 volt mobile battery instead of this aa battery ?
and charge it
thank you in advance
Junophor (author)  zorba020082 years ago
I am sorry to say so but this wouldn´t work, because the electronic was originally designed to run with only 1,5 volts. The "weak" element is the transistor. If you drive it with more than 3 Volts the transistor gets too hot and breaks down.

Cheers Aeon Junophor
boston75133 years ago
This is a cool instructable!

I was just thinking that you could get one of those solar lights that you see at the dollar store and use the Photovoltaic parts to charge your lamp
ya they had a bunch at the Dollar Tree here in Hanover Ma
it's good to see someone from my area on instructabes, i'm from wasco
Junophor (author)  alindsey33 years ago
Hi alindsey3

That´s what i also do, as my way of the recycling idea;-))))
Yours Aeon Junophor
Junophor (author)  boston75133 years ago
Hi boston7513

6 of these lights are still waiting for this step

also in combination with a joule Thief and another RLC-circuit but where is the time to create it??
pro52003 years ago
awesome, this is what I was looking for.
but I have 2 questions:
1. with 2 AA battery how long the lamp can be lit?
2. I think CFLs are that require ventilation for light, could later be fast off the lights? because the heat inside the tube
Junophor (author)  pro52003 years ago
Hi pro5200

Thanks for your interest.

To answer your questions:
1. It depends on the battery you use but I expereinced that the tube can be lit for about 16 to 20 hours.

2. No you do not need a special ventilation because the glass tube itself does not get hot. It is cold light. If you experienced that a normal cfl -bulb is getting hot by normal use you are right but the warmth is coming from the inbuilt electronic and not from the gasfilled light-tube;-)))))

Cheers Aeon Junophor
oh so so,
I get, so hot from the circuit ...
if 16-20 hours, it is more than adequate for emergency needs, your work is great.
thanks for sharing :)
Tron19663 years ago
Excellent project!
- though suggest you keep it under lock & key if you have any lady folk staying over :-)
Junophor (author)  Tron19663 years ago

That´s why I miss it ;-)))))

I have´nt had any thoughts like this while doing the project until you told it to me .......

Winged Fist3 years ago
Junophor – Congratulations on your well deserved recognition in the "Pocket Sized Challenge"!
Junophor (author)  Winged Fist3 years ago
Good morning Winged Fist

Thank you so much for congratulating. I am really surprised that my little project convinced the jury
and believe me I am totally happy ;-)))))))))))))))

Three Cheers to all winners!!!!

Yours Aeon Junophor
Rehmatullah3 years ago
is it 220 volt saver ?
how u convert it dc ..
la lampara de gas de mercurio no es como la bombilla de luz, la de mercurio lleva un circuito electrico con un transformador que transforma de 220v a 3v!! eso!
Junophor (author)  Rehmatullah3 years ago
Hi Rematullah

The preform cylinder is about 2,5 mmm but I really won´t risk to use 220V because there much more amps in. This ist to me too dangerous.

I just work with the AA batteries that´s enaugh energy and I can charge them too with a small solar panel thast charming to me.
i really didn't understand ???? :(
Junophor (author)  Rehmatullah3 years ago
I´m sorry that I probably missunderstood you, can you tell me your question again?;-)))
rhowind3 years ago
is there any pressure from the bulb heating the air? i would like to make one.
Junophor (author)  rhowind3 years ago
Hi rhowind

As far as I experienced no. My bulb was always glowing cold. -But I let it run only for some minutes to demonstrate how it works

Yours Aeon Junophor
eight3 years ago
Be proud of yor project.
You did really well sir !
- Dave
(Greetz from Western Australia !)
Good Job and the bulb is very save inside the tube!
I think it can be used in many cases...
ebayboy983 years ago
insted of the 2 aa could you use just a 9 v battery and by the way and awsome instructable
Junophor (author)  ebayboy983 years ago
Hi book man I´m sorry to say so but´no This electronic normally works with 1,5 Volts in the disposal camera If you take now 3,0 Volts its the upper limit. Otherwise you kill the transistor see here 
Butt you also can take two mono cell batteries. Then the light will shine longer than 20 hrs. Yours Aeon Junophor
Winged Fist3 years ago
Congratulations on another ingenious steampunk design! I wonder if with a shorter bulb and some minor modifications, this might fit in a mason jar, like my Steampunk Lamp Lanterna Antiga?
Junophor (author)  Winged Fist3 years ago
Hi Winged Fist
Thank you very much for your comment. I´m very pleased;-))

To answer your Question: I´m sure that the whole construction will fit in your lantern. I measured:
Length: exactly: 15.0 cm
Width at the bottom (cap): 5,0 cm
Width at the top: 4,5 cm
Heigth (only the CFL tube): 5,0 cm.
I used the Osram Type Duluxstar Mini Twist 8W/827 with an E14 socket from wher I took the cfl glass tube.
If you screw the socket holder out of your lantern there will be surely enaugh place for this tube...

By The way I´ve got another question to you: Can you show, or better write me how to put a link in your comment text as you did it? I really don´t know how to do this, sorry about that but this would help me much :-))))

Thanks an many greetings to you and your family
Yours Aeodn Junophor
My thought was not to build your light into my lamp (which already has electrical power from the plug) but rather to build your device as a mobile lantern inside of a mason jar. I guess one problem would be drilling a whole through a glass jar.... Maybe if a PVC or similar base was used, a switch could go in there, and a jar could be used to cover the bulb? Just a thought...

As far as adding a link in a comment, simply click the "Rich Editor" button above the comment box (after you've clicked "comment" or "reply"); highlight the section you want to link, and select the blue "link button" (second to last on the top row). Then paste the url address for the instructable (or website) you choose to link to. Viola!

(For further info, you can find a discussion of this process here).

Best to all the talented Steampunkers in Germany! Keep up the good work;-)
drilling into glass.
an old trick is to get a copper or brass pipe , cut slots down into the active end with a hacksaw, a blade worth of depth.
fill it with tooth paste and sand & keep it moist while drilling. MUST keep heat down.
you now have a abrasive drill bit! go slow.
Mr. Steve
killbox3 years ago
Where did you get your large sized bottle blank (test tube?)
Junophor (author)  killbox3 years ago
Hi killbox

It is an Preform made of PET. It will be blown to a bottle with compressed air in a heated form ;-)))
Yes i know its a preform bottle blank, I was wondering where you got one large enough to fit a florecent bulb in like that. all I can find are smaller standard coke bottle necked ones.
looking at the measurements supplied by the author, and the measurements of the blank available at this site, they are pretty close.
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