Picture of Emergency soda can whistle
On this instructable, I am going to show you how to make a emergecy whistle out of a can!!!

Step 1: Materals

Picture of Materals
Empty soda can
Kiteman5 years ago
So the mouthpiece directs air at an edge of the can?

No sides required?  Or "pea"?

I'd love to hear what your whistle sounds like - maybe a video or MP3?

sides are required.  Put your fingers on the sides to make it work
 you cover the sides with your fingers.  its kinda hard to make the angle from the mouth piece to the whole.   I would rather say to just learn how to whistle...
Scott_Tx5 years ago
When the rescuers find you they'll say 'if only we could've gotten here sooner... before he died from blood loss from his lips'
If you do it right, you wouldn't bleed.  Trust me.