Emergency Soda Can Whistle


Introduction: Emergency Soda Can Whistle

On this instructable, I am going to show you how to make a emergecy whistle out of a can!!!

Step 1: Materals

Empty soda can

Step 2: The Cylender

Cut the top and bottom off of the can.

Step 3: Cutting the Cylender

Cut the cylender in half like the pic. below:

Step 4: 1 In. Cut

On the bottom of the sheet of aluminum, measure about an inch, and cut it strait up to where it looks like below:

Step 5: Cut IT in Half

Cut the piece in half hot dog style.

Step 6: Cut IT in Half AGAIN

Choose one piece and cut it in half hamburger style

Step 7: The Cross

Take the long piece and a short piece and make a cross, like the pic. below:

Step 8: Folding the Cross

Do the following: flip the cross upside-down and fold the sides in, to where it looks like below.

Step 9: 90* Fold

Fold the leftover metal 90 degrees down.

Step 10: Metal Roll

Roll the metal to where it looks like a game whistle.

Step 11: Opening the Blowhole

With the leftover piece of metal, do this:  shap it like a twig, and stisk it in the "blowhole" to make it bigger.

Step 12: Completed Whistle

This is what it should look like now.

Step 13: How to Use

(Make adustments to where you get a sound :-)

Step 14: What It Sounds Like



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    So the mouthpiece directs air at an edge of the can?

    No sides required?  Or "pea"?

    I'd love to hear what your whistle sounds like - maybe a video or MP3?

    2 replies

     you cover the sides with your fingers.  its kinda hard to make the angle from the mouth piece to the whole.   I would rather say to just learn how to whistle...

    When the rescuers find you they'll say 'if only we could've gotten here sooner... before he died from blood loss from his lips'

    1 reply