Picture of Emergency sushi rolling mat.
Skewer sticks and duct tape.

Step 1: Ingredients.

Duct tape.
Helper (http://www.instructables.com/member/fastesthamster/).
Skewer sticks or chop sticks.
Flat surface.
Pair of scissors.
krowii6 years ago
I actually carry a sushi rolling mat with me at all times just in case.
Not bad though I can't imagine having an emergency where I'm suddenly needed to roll sushi...
Maybe if classy zombies attack you can placate them with some maki while waiting for the tempura to get hot... who says your zombie plan shouldn't involve catering?
njacksx (author)  Void Schism6 years ago
Hahahaha! I like it!
implaxis6 years ago
Believe it or not I could have used this a couple weeks ago!