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  • E·motion(易动)就是为了适配骑行发电,方便收集、运用能量而开发的新项目。 它包涵三个部分的产品:安装在自行车上的发电装置、安装在移动设备上的应用,和公共场所的灯光互动照明装置。我们着眼于app与运动过程的互动、运动能量收集的结合,让骑行运动变的更加富有乐趣。当你发现你的骑行运动可以为城市做出更多的贡献时,你就会知道我们的工作是多么有价值!
    • 我们的口号是:为世界发电,享受低碳生活!
    • E·motion is a project for power generation by bicycle. It contains the equipment mounted on bike,an interactive app for the movement of energy and the lighting installation in public space,.We focus on an interactive app with sport games on the movement of energy, the collected energy can use to charge your phone, your reading lamp and so on. We hope that riding can become more enjoyable.
    • When you find that your movement can make more contributions to the city, you'll know how valuable our work is !
    • Our Philosophy: Create electricity for the world and enjoy a low carbon life!


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