The Brain an intricate system of 15 to 33 Billion neurons and connections that most life forms on earth are equipped with, invertebrate & vertebrate life forms . it is responsible for controlling the functions off organs and muscle movement. all in all the brain is your CPU & your HDD in on package and your various body parts and organs are peripheral's. what i set out to accomplish & focus on i Emotions!! the most important part of being a human & controlling your emotions is what it's all about from stress to panic & Joy. to sum it all up this "ible" will hopefully help you manage your various  "seemingly" uncontrollable emotions!!

Step 1: Emotions an There Explanations

 you might be wondering why i chose this topic of emotions ?
"im an adult what emotions do i have to worry about?"
 just keep on reading and you will see !!

there are some rather hard emotions to describe because there can be a wide spectrum of feelings being currently felt or a " hybrid mix" of emotions. your prefrontal cortex is responsible for  these dynamic sets emotions. 

We begin with  the question 

How do you feel at the moment ?

my answer-
"at the moment i feel euphoric,triumphant & dominant"

than try to think about "Why do you feel this way"

 My answer-
"because i have had just an awesome relationship with my girlfriend ever since  we have been together.

Euphoria- a feeling of great wellbeing or elation.
                Dominant or Alpha male"ish"
                my spectrum hybrid !!

but it's realistic to always feel "good"

in traumatic or shocking situations the brain thinks that you are in imminent danger and sends out commands to its various glands such as the Adrenal gland, the main producer of adrenalin in your body, you are put into survival mode or "flight of fight mode." your veins dilate to pump blood faster your arms and legs. muscles tense up & your pupils dilate slightly. this can be activated by the any of the following general emotion of Fear,dread,horror.terror, & or anticipation. in moments such as this some people may or can become so hysterical that they can have a panic attack  which is described as the feeling of passing out or feeling that you might die. this may look like a heart attack to others but that can only be determined by medical personnel.

mass emotional hysteria or feelings of dread & or fear have been experienced Nationwide in situations such as.

September 11 terrorist attacks 

bomb threats

anthrax scare 

the red scare from the post WW II period

the so called "Swine flu epidemic"

John .F Kennedy assassination 

Vietnam war  

under such situations the best thing to do is instantly think thru the situation and how can you deal with  such a problem or keep your mind off of such incidents & think of something positive or find some comic relief on such websites as LOL cats,fail blog,college humor, or some more mature choices ,the Colbert report, or SNL.

Old history- in the Victorian times there was a medical term for "moody" women called "female hysteria" the belief that women were a ticking stress bombs. many women participated in a practice where doctors preform very inappropriate acts with there hands on the patients.

a very detailed emotion decription by a doctor 
Steven J. Cheng Phd.


Very wise kid you are...

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