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Empanadas are a type of pie eaten in Latin countries. In Argentina they are filled with meat, however in Mexico they are filled with fruit and good yummy sweetness.

I can remember growing up in South Texas and walking to the bakery with my Great Grandmother (Abuelita) to pick from all the Pan Dulces (sweet breads). My favorite were always empanadas. You never could tell what the filling was going to be, but you couldn't wait to find out if it was pineapple, pumpkin, cinnamon apple or peach. Sometimes times the only way to know what was inside, was to take a bite.

This is my take on a childhood memory. I use multiple fillings and I don't label or separate them just to keep the mystery of what's inside , like when I was a kid.

Step 1: Grocery List

Picture of Grocery List
1. Pillsbury Grands (flakey)
2. Butter
3. Flour
4. Pumpkin pie filling
5. Stewed or fried apples (can be canned or from scratch)
6. Cinnamon
7. Peach preserves
8. Strawberry preserves

*any preserves will work you can get creative.
Remag12341 year ago

Look delicious. You lost me when I saw Grandes UGH!. IMHO all those "so-called biscuits" have an artificial tastes.

I haven't tried Grandes biscuits, but use Pillsbury or Walmart's Pie Crusts to make something similar:


I am going to try some of Michael's fillings.

rfhewitt1 year ago

I love empanadas! This looks easy and certainly worth a try! Thanks for posting!

sparkyar1 year ago

worst "repulgue" ever :) but nice instructable. thanks!

Mielameri1 year ago
YUM...what a great idea, and so simple, too! This would be a fun thing to do with kids--passing on the tradition to the next generation :)
Michael C (author)  Mielameri1 year ago
Thank you. This is very fun to do with kids. I have to say your superman picture rocks.
Thanks! Super hero casual day at the office ;)

Mini Pies! I love it!