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Empty Child costume from Doctor Who. I used an Israeli Civilian gas mask and modified it. The mouth is sculpey clay and a painted  top to a cheese shaker for the mouth area. I used the bottom of soda cans around the eyes and some black panty hose to darken the eyes. All the clothes came from thrift stores.



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    What did you use to keep the soda can bottoms on? I made an Empty Child mask, and used hot glue, but the darned things always fall off.

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    Originally I baked them on in the oven when I cured the clay and they stayed for awhile until someone pulled at them. I did rubber cement for a bit, works okay since it allows some flex with the rubber but if people pulled it still came off (I don't know why people are so fascinated with pulling at the eye pieces). Eventually I set them with epoxy but I roughed up the rubber on the msk underneath a little with sandpaper so the glue had something to grip. On the mask I have I can pop the lenses out, so I did that so I didn't get any epoxy on them.

    How do you get the clay to stay on? You can't bake it with the mask, can you?

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    I did bake it directly onto the mask. I took off everything I could before I did and I baked in my home oven. It didn't smell the best, but I cracked a window and used my oven exhaust fan and it was fine.

    Also a different method would have been to put saran wrap or something between the mask and the clay when sculpting. You can then put it in the freezer and let the clay harden and remove it. The clay can be baked by itself and then reattached to the mask afterward. This is a method I learned about afterward and haven't actually tried. I can see a lot of benefits to it and I think it would actually help the clay cure properly to have all the surfaces exposed. Also it would allow you to maybe thin out the clay on the interior side the attaches to the mask to reduce the weight and again to help it cure properly. My mask is a little heavy in the mouth, not unmanagable but I think less weight would be better.

    thanks man , i had plan for a mask lie this, NOW I have some good idea from your one ... great

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    Thanks! If I had to do it over I would use a lighter clay to make the mask less akward to wear. Getting the clay to cure properly is really important so make sure that you follow the rules of the clay that use. Good luck :)