Emptying a Bottle Faster





Introduction: Emptying a Bottle Faster

In this instructable I decided to show you a practical tip.

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Have you ever had of getting bored when you empty a bottle?

Did you know that there a trick to empty it in half the time?


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Step 1: Test

Left a bottle flowing normally.

And at right with a bottle trick.

Here we see 7 seconds for the right bottle.

The other bottle is still not empty.

The left bottle is empty in 14 seconds.

Pretty cool ! Isn't it ?

Step 2: Explanation

When water flows normally, the air difficult to enter the bottle.

And each time that the air enters, the water can not come out.

The trick is to create a swirled flow of mouvemment.

Or vortex

Performing a movement circular with the wrist.

When creating a vortex flow, the air enter steadily And the bottle empties quickly.

This simple movement will allow you to empty your bottle, 2 times faster.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and the trick.
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