Emulator for Non-Jailbroken IPhone





Introduction: Emulator for Non-Jailbroken IPhone

Step 1: Go to Coolrom.com

Go to coolrom.com and click emulators, then choose non-jailbroken iphone. Note: You MUST set your date and time before July 15th

Step 2: Choose You Emulator

I chose the gameboy advance emulator for the demonstration but you may choose any

Step 3: Download the Emulator

When it asks to download press "install"

Step 4: Choose Your Roms

Now click on the joystick in the top right-hand corner of the screen, choose the emulator you have and download a Rom to your emulator

Step 5: Have Fun

Enjoy your hard work!!! If you change your date back it will not run so in order to play it again switch your date back to July 14th



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    it says can't connect plz help D:

    it will work with in an iPad or iPad mini?

    It does work you just have to go into settings;general;date & time; and turn the date back before the month of July

    hes right, i posted an ible on this also

    You have to set the date before July 15th before downloading