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Sometimes in the Android SDK environment, when you want to use the emulator a few extras must be downloaded before you can use it, such as Intel Haxm. In order to install Intel Haxm, Intel VT- x must be enabled on your computer. These instructions should you how to do so.

(VT: Virtualization Technology)

Also, I apologize in advance for the crude pictures.

Step 1:

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Locate the Restart widget.

Before you press "Restart", keep your finger on the shift key. While your finger is on the shift key, press restart. After that, let go of the shift key. It may take a while, but you will then see a blue screen. This is the Advanced Startup screen.

Step 2:

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Click on Troubleshot

Step 3:

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Click on "Advanced Options"

Step 4:

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Click on "UEFI Firmware Settings"

Step 5:

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Click the "Restart" button

Step 6:

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Press F10 on your key board. This takes you into Bios Setup.

Step 7:

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This is the first screen you should see. Locate the tabs at the top and locate "System Configuration". You can use your arrows keys to get to that tab.

Just press the right arrow twice.

Step 8:

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Press the down arrow once. You should see the "Virtualization Technology" option light up. For me, it turns white. Press F5 or F6 to switch the setting from either enabled to disabled or disabled to enabled

Step 9:

Press F10 in order to exit and save your changes. Then, press enter, and you are done. A reboot is not necessary. The system should restart on its' own.


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