The body is a sculpture: It's constantly in motion, yet every frame of the movement is a unique sculpture in itself. To create a sculpture of the body is not just about capturing a body posture; it's more about capturing the energy and recreating the emotions/sensations at that specific moment. Observing sculptures by Rodin and Bernini, you'll notice that a seemingly static representation of the body can still be full of tension, and you can almost feel it through your own skin.

Encased is a collection of body shaped leather luggage that seeks to freeze a moment of the body while still maintaining the energy and sensations at that moment.

Step 1: Visual Research

I started out by collecting images of body sculptures and body photography. I had two criteria in choosing these images:

1. Architectural beauty in the anatomy of the body

2. Tension, emotions & sensations: how the body posture is framed in a way to achieve a perfect balance between the imagery of the body and the energy of the moment ; how to NOT describe the body in a literal way but still maintain the sensuality of the body.

I found this entire instructable amazing, personally. It really triggered my imagination in respect to molding other materials. I'm absolutely blown away by your work. You could sell these as beautiful, one-of-a-kind, designer pieces. I guarantee you that these would sell for incredible amounts of money in the right market. These ain't yer everyday leather goods!
<p>Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad that you find this instructable inspiring, and hopefully like you said, I'll be able to sell them to someone who really appreciate this work. :)</p>
<p>such lovely designs, it is nice to see how skilled you are and your finishing is great. can't wait to see more of your work :)</p>
Wow. Inspiring, beautiful and intriguing! As usual, most excellent work!
While laying in bed trying to get over a fever and looking at these incredible designs, it's pretty awe-inspiring, although I would agree that in some cases either you're going to get interesting looks from the FAA.<br><br>You can go another route and make a tool bag with tools inlaid into leather.
These look great! I have a feeling airport security wouldn't be quite as into them, though lol
<p>Excellent. I don't have the skills to do the luggage, but flat panels could be applied to something... you got me thinking!</p>
<p>I'm glad that it sparked new ideas :)</p>
<p>Amazing idea and finish, great job they turned out incredible!</p>
<p>Thank you!! :)</p>
<p>Fantastic project - nice to see how well it turned out!</p>
<p>Thanks Matt! BTW your stools are so cool, I'm taking them home.</p>
<p>Wei, these came out really well! Fabulous! Great to see the final result.</p>
<p>Thank you Joe! Hope to see you soon at the show!</p>
<p>Nice. You can pack each according to the clothes that go on that part of the body. Underwear in the bootie bag, shoes in the foot case, etc. Brilliant! </p>
<p>Haha nice idea!</p>

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