Introduction: Enchanted Gingerbread Village

Picture of Enchanted Gingerbread Village

It's so whimsical.

All edible, so need not to worry if little fingers pick a pebble to try, or lick a butterfly!

Step 1: List the Plans

Picture of List the Plans

First make a layout or list what you will have on your village. I am not so good in drawing, but I already had a vision what I wanted to have, which is teapot house, tree stump house, flower pot house and a mushroom house. For each house, I listed what decorations would fit with the houses.

Teapot House - fairy

Tree stump House - rabbit

Flower pot House - bee

Mushroom House - gnome

Step 2: Work on Your Recipes

Picture of Work on Your Recipes

For this project, I used about 2 dough of gingerbread cookies (esp for gingerbread house), 1 dough of gingerbread clay (edible obviously), 1 mixture of marshmallow fondant, 2 mixture of royal icing

Step 3: Mix, Knead, and Roll

Picture of Mix, Knead, and Roll

Once you prepared your gingerbread dough by mixing and kneading them as you would do bread, let rest, and roll flat. Not too thin, not too thick, just right.

Step 4: Molds

Picture of Molds

For the ball shape, I used Wilton ball molds

For the cylinder shape, I used cans from baked beans, different sizes

For the flower pot, I used ceramic pot ;)

Once rolled, lay dough on the molds, and bake.

Step 5: Shape Them!

Picture of Shape Them!

Once you taken out the cookies, while they are still warm to the touch, help shaping them. Cookie will come out a bit puffy and that is perfect to shape them nicely, but do it while it's still warm. As you can see my cookie has cracks on the pic, by shaping them carefully, they are useable. Same with the other molds.

Step 6: Excess Dough

Picture of Excess Dough

Since the cookie will enlarge a bit, while still warm, beside shaping with hands, you can also cut the excess dough to shape it even more nicely.

Step 7: Ready to Decorate

Picture of Ready to Decorate

It took me about 2 days to make sure they are totally hardened before decorating.

Step 8: Make Them Pretty

Picture of Make Them Pretty

I was aiming whimsical enchanted village, so I rely on a lot of food colors. I also purchased coconut for the grasses and chocolate pebbles and eggs. Luckily I have various cookie cutters, so those also help to make the job easier to do.

Step 9: Start Decorating

Picture of Start Decorating

All houses were covered in royal icing. They took at least 2 days per house to dry. For the teapot, I attached the two baked cookies (the ball shaped) with royal icing and let dry before covering it in purple icing. While waiting for royal icing to dry, I made the other decorations of gnome, fairy, from, bee, flowers, small mushrooms, butterflies, hedgehogs, bird, and rabbits.

For the mushroom house, I "painted' the royal icing separately. For the top part, half ball is attached to a disk shape cookie with royal icing, let dry, then painted it with blue icing. The bottom part took almost 1 mixture of royal icing itself as I wanted to make sure it was totally strong for the top part.

The tree stump is the most easy as it wasn't covered with royal icing.

Step 10: Pond

Picture of Pond

I love the pond. Gelatine is used to give the water effect.

I waited for last minute to attach the top of the mushroom to make decorating job easier.

I brushed royal icing all over the base and covered it with green colored coconut as grasses.

Step 11: Flower Pot House

Picture of Flower Pot House

I used edible gingerbread clay for the fence.

Snails are made of marshmallow fondant.

Step 12: Rabbits

Picture of Rabbits

Made of marshmallow fondant

Step 13: Fairy

Picture of Fairy

Fairy, butterfly, clothes, they were all made of fondant, but the rock where she is sitting was made with edible gingerbread clay. She is attached to it with royal icing

Step 14: Tree Stump House

Picture of Tree Stump House

Roots are attached with ginger and spices flavored royal icing plus brown color, matching the gingerbread cookie color.

Each houses has chimney, the tree stump house has a mushroom-shaped chimney.

The bird is laying chocolate eggs!

Step 15: Mushroom House

Picture of Mushroom House

It has caterpillar on the roof, steps that were made of cookies, a cute gnome from marshmallow fondant, and picnic table from gingerbread clay.

Step 16: Teapot House

Picture of Teapot House

Another 2 days wait just for the royal icing to dry before decorating. Vines, flowers, butterflies, flowers, door, window, are all from marshmallow fondant. The steps from door to the pond are gingerbread clay.

Step 17: Mushrooms

Picture of Mushrooms

There are purple and red mushrooms for decorations, all are made of marshmallow fondant.

Step 18: Lady Bugs

Picture of Lady Bugs

A family of 3! All made of gingerbread clay

Step 19: Teapot House for the Fairy

Picture of Teapot House for the Fairy

Just another angle shot.

Step 20: Hedgehogs

Picture of Hedgehogs

Both are made of edible gingerbread clay.

Step 21: Relaxing Frog

Picture of Relaxing Frog

He is relaxing on water lily pad made of fondant. I chose only black chocolate pebbles for the surrounding.

Step 22: The Fairy

Picture of The Fairy

Isn't she a cutie?

Step 23: Caterpillar

Picture of Caterpillar

Made of fondant, attached with royal icing on the mushroom roof.

Step 24: Photo Set Up

Picture of Photo Set Up

My little helper.

We were preparing our humble photo 'studio' to take a better picture of the village.


muhammad.teddy.12 (author)2014-12-18

wonderfull job. so detail n pretty.


zara.zakkira (author)2014-12-16

Ninnnaaaa...keren bangeeet.

klinong (author)zara.zakkira2015-10-17


muhammad.teddy.12 (author)2014-12-18

wonderfull job. so detail n pretty.

thank you @muhammad.teddy.12!

ayune.teddy (author)2014-12-18

OMG it's so awesome!!! Love it.

klinong (author)ayune.teddy2014-12-28

many thanks @ayune.teddy!

diepras (author)2014-12-17

Nin Gmn cara Vote nya

klinong (author)diepras2014-12-28

dah telat @diepras wkwkwkw

zara.zakkira (author)2014-12-16

Ninnnaaaa...keren bangeeet.

klinong (author)zara.zakkira2014-12-28

makasiiiiiihhhh @zara.zakkira!

JackANDJude (author)2014-12-16


klinong (author)JackANDJude2014-12-28

thank you @JackANDJude!

klinong (author)JackANDJude2014-12-28

thank you @JackANDJude!

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klinong (author)dede.andrean.52014-12-28

thanks @dede.andrean.5!

muhammad.teddy.12 (author)2014-12-18

wonderfull job. so detail n pretty.

thanks muhammad.teddy.12!

dewi.asih.w (author)2014-12-18

niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Love It

klinong (author)dewi.asih.w2014-12-20

Thanks @ dewi.asih.w!

muhammad.teddy.12 (author)2014-12-18

wonderfull job. so detail n pretty.

zara.zakkira (author)2014-12-16

Ninnnaaaa...keren bangeeet.

Mielameri (author)2014-12-13

This is so magical! Love all the attention to detail and the creativity!

klinong (author)Mielameri2014-12-13

Thank you so much @Mielameri :)

benny56 (author)2014-12-12

You should enter the enchanted objects contest! I so would vote for this!

klinong (author)benny562014-12-13

Thank you @benny56. It has been entered, just waiting for the approval.

AngryRedhead (author)2014-12-12

So much to see, super creative, and lots of lots! :D

klinong (author)AngryRedhead2014-12-13

Thank you @AngryRedhead!

LolAshley (author)2014-12-12

This is a really nice way of explaining how to make this! If I have some time (gingerbread) on my hands, I may just try it out! The fairy looks STUNNING! I love all of the little details! I can't decide if I like the butterfly on the fairy's hand the most, or the hedgehogs! AHHHHH! It's just TOO cute! Really, REALLY nice job. And nice setup for photos! :) Your little helper is so cute! I bet he took a tiny bite to eat! Haha, really nice job!

klinong (author)LolAshley2014-12-13

Thank you @LolAshley :) He did eat a couple of the chocolate pebbles :)

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