This very simple enclosure was made using two transparent Ikea boxes.

Step 1: Get a 3d-printer

First off you will need a 3d-printer.

Mine is a Mendel 90 from Nophead but many RepRap's have roughly the same dimensions.
super idea :) I'm just waiting for my makibox a6l to arrive question does the box reduce sound pollution from the unit when it runs or is it just for storage and keeping dust out of the complex electronics? brilliant idea
<p>Hi,</p><p>Yes. I think there are many advantages of having the printer enclosed. E.g.:</p><p>- Reduces noise (although still noisy!)</p><p>- Keeps out dust</p><p>- Pet-safe</p><p>- Easy to move</p><p>- Heated build chamber</p><p>- Containment of fumes</p><p>Of course the drawback of this simple enclosure is that there is no front opening for easy access to the print bed.</p>

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