Step 6: Encrypt Anything!

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Encrypting your Gmail is just an example. Now that you have GPG installed, there are a whole bunch of programs you can use to encrypt and sign stuff. For example:

GPGDropThing - This is a simple program which lets you encrypt text to people whose public keys are on your keyring, and also allows you to decrypt messages that they have written. GPGDropThing is especially useful when writing encrypted mail to your friends as some clients don't have GPG support built in. So far only Apple Mail and Mulberry have GPG support. Your can encrypt text on your hard drive, this way, or even paste encrypted snippets into your IMs.

GPGMail - For encrypting your email going through Apple's Mail.app.
Really glad for this helpful and useful guide. I'm using a PC and I'm sure many others are too. Can we get a guide for using GPG on our boxes? Thanx.
It isn't much different... Find the GPG software for your operating system;
(see http://gnupg.org)
install the software (instructions on the GnuPG site)
install the Firefox plug-in
create your key-pair
send your public key to your friends and/or conspiratos
keep your pass phrase Long and Private

that is about it.

When your friends send their keys open it with GPG or save it to a file and double-click to install