This guide has almost every ATX computer power supply to bench power supply published to date on Instructables ( as of Dec 2014, about 70 unique instructables). It should be interesting to both those who want to do a conversion, and to those interested in the evolution of a popular topic that has been done over and over on the site. Sometimes the new projects had something to add sometimes not so much.

Some of these projects are great, some original and some just so so.

I have sorted more or less by year. The first instructable listed, is I think the first one, by date, on the site. ( but this may have been messed up byupdates that are now added at the top ) I have added a brief comment on each one. I do not normally view videos so the only comment on them is “Video”. Views and favorites should be fairly accurate as of the date of publication ( this feature is now automatic if you hover over the image, I am not updating these comments any more). I had something of a fight with the collection software ( now updated), please let me know if there are errors or omissions.