Picture of End Grain Butcher Block Door
So because I'm apparently an idiot, I thought this project would take just about 2 weeks.  2 months later, I am sick and tired of end grain, but I have what I think is a pretty kick ass door.  I made it at Tech Shop (and thank god I had Tech Shop because otherwise, this damn thing would have taken 5 times as long to make)  http://Techshop.ws

Step 1: Cut a bunch of 2x4s

Picture of Cut a bunch of 2x4s
Using the miter saw, I cut down about 12, 8' 2x4s.  This gave me approximately 4 million 2.5" pieces.   
Leon Close2 years ago
How do you plan to deal with the expansion and contraction of the door with changes in humidity?
seamster2 years ago
Nice. You ought to post a photo with finish on it, so we can get see full effect of all that interesting end grain. Looks like it will be awesome.
tjolley20002 years ago
this is incredible!!!
ccrome2 years ago
Heh, I like it ;-) Did you bother to joint/plane the pieces before cutting?
I'd love to see a photo of the final installed door.