End Grain Cutting Board
-Maple, Walnut and Oak

Whoever takes a look at this, I cannot stress how EASY it is to make one of these, and if you end up giving this to someone they will love it.

First start off with materials
-Lumber approximately 13 inches, decide what pattern you want, after you make one you'll realize its easy as cutting and gluing.
-Wood Glue
-Clamps, parallel bar preferred
-Beeswax/Butcher Block Oil
-Flat Chisel
-Time, waiting for glue to dry :D

Step 1: Lumber

Select your pieces of lumber
Arrange them in orders of three

Cherry, Walnut, Maple
Do that three times so you should have 9 pieces of wood
-You can change up the width of the pieces, keep the height/length similar
so what you should have is something similar to the following:
Oak, Maple, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Walnut, Oak, Maple, walnut

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