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I needed a $30 gift for my family gift exchange at our 2010 Christmas gathering.
I was reading through my Wood magazines and came across a wood end grain
cutting board.
I thought that would make a perfect Xmas gift.

The cutting board consisted of some hardwood scraps that I had lying around.
Of course, you will need some good water resistant glue.
And a weekend to complete the project.

I used several of my tools, to make the cutting board.
One, I would like to mention is my Craftsman Radial Arm saw.
The Craftsman saw is over 40 years old.
Still runs like a champ! (had only to replace the switch)

I started on this project, yesterday night. (Saturday)
It is about 7pm cst, and still waiting for the glue to dry.
Contest ends in about 5 hours.
Getting down to the wire...

Now onto the instructable...
Oh, the crackers are ash wood, by the way....

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Step 1: Finding the Correct Wood

Choosing the correct wood.

I had a bunch of hardwood scraps lying around.
So, what I choose, was some closed grain hardwoods.
You do not want a soft wood.
The pieces I had were 35" long.
Yours will probably be different.

I chose:

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