End Table Top


Introduction: End Table Top

My wife and I got ourselves a little end table thing for our place from a thrift store. It was actually pretty nice, with a real marble top and everything. Problem is the marble doesn't really match our decor, so I slapped together a top from some common materials.

  • We've been into the classy side of the industrial and unfinished these days. Bare fasteners, imperfections, old brick, steel beams, that kind of thing... Not sure if this example counts as "classy," but that's what I was aiming for.
  • Made almost entirely from hardware store common board and plywood, fastened with self-driving screws and common wood glue. I tried using pallet scraps at first, but they were way too inconsistent in thickness for someone who doesn't own a planer or even a sander.
  • Minwax stain (Espresso) for the color.



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