Picture of Pallet End Table from Reused Wood
This Instructable is for a neat looking little end table. The plus side about this end table is that it is made from reused lumber from a shipping pallet and I also reused the nails I pulled out of the pallet as well. So in the long run it would save a tree from potentially being cut down to replace the lumber that was bought to make the table, all just by reusing what you already have. 
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Step 1: Gather Supplies/Disassemble The Pallet

Picture of Gather Supplies/Disassemble The Pallet
First thing is first find a pallet in decent shape and take it apart. There are many different ways to go about doing this, I'm sure a quick search here on instructables might pull up some ways. I just used a hammer and a small metal claw to get the slats pried up a little and then pulled them off. While doing this I tried to make sure that I didn't bend the nails too much so that I could reuse them as well.

  • Pallet
  • Hammer
  • claw/crobar
  • Circular saw
  • safety glasses
  • sand paper

Step 2: Build The Frame

Picture of Build The Frame
The first thing I began to build was the frame for the table top. (use the thicket pieces of wood for the frame and legs) You want to decide how long and wide you want your table top then cut four side pieces. I cut these pieces at 45º to make the table a little more appealing to the eye. After cutting the four sides I line them up to make sure it's going to be square and then nail them together with some of the nails pulled from the pallet. Next I took and ripped two pieces of wood with the saw to nail to the long sides of the frame to have something to nail the table top boards to. When putting these little pieces on leave enough space free in the corners for the legs to be able to be square on the inside of the frame.Nail these pieces down so that when you put your top on it will lay flush with the frame.( sorry about all of the sideways pictures)
mframe410 months ago

Nice job! At first I didn't like the spaces at the ends...But when you explained it, they grew on me!

SirPhobos15 (author)  mframe410 months ago

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to check this out and thanks for the kind words.

Can't wait to try this! I'm taking a pallet apart and as soon as I have all the pieces I'll start.
SirPhobos15 (author)  KingCabbage1 year ago
Thanks for checking this out and feel free post a picture if you get one done I would love to check it out.
naturalsam1 year ago
Very nice re-use of pallet wood and nails. Wonder if it will start to wobble over time as the nails get loose? I find myself using screws or nuts and bolts with things that take abuse like chairs and coffee tables.
SirPhobos15 (author)  naturalsam1 year ago
It may over time, it's not getting heavy use at the moment so it's ok. Screws and definitely bolts are best for making pieces such as this sturdy. Thanks for the view and the comments.
mortagaz1 year ago
What stain would you use to protect it outside for a few years?
SirPhobos15 (author)  mortagaz1 year ago
Whatever stain color you'd like, I think the clear coat you put on afterwards will be what really does the protecting of it from the weather. I have yet to stain this piece but if I do I will post an update to it. I usually use Cabot stains for when I do stain stuff though.Thanks for checking this out by the way.
mayala61 year ago
Very nice look. My wife and I are always looking for that old vintage look in our furniture. This is awesome!
SirPhobos15 (author)  mayala61 year ago
Thanks mayala6 this was actually one of my first tables I built. I also like the vintage look to it. Thanks again for checking this out and taking the time to comment.
Very nice. And good explanatory pics. I'll try it myself one day.
SirPhobos15 (author)  upcycled.be1 year ago
Thanks for checking it out. I really appreciate the comment. If you make one feel free to share , would love to see. Thanks again
Nice design! I like that there are like handles on the sides to move it around :)
SirPhobos15 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thank you Penolopy. I like the simplicity of it and Thanks for taking the time to comment.