I wanted something nice next to the recliner to replace the folding tray table being used as a (temporary) end table. After going into 'sticker shock' at the price of a new table, I looked around for another solution. I had an old table that was taking up space in the garage begging to have something done with it. I was hanging on to it until I could get time to sand out the deep scratches and refinish the top. But I was inspired by this Instructable from knoxmj19, to upgrade the table with mosaic glass tile. My project differs in that I routed out the 1” thick solid pine top and used a multi-colored mosaic glass tile inlay. This turned out to be three projects: prepping the top and setting mosaic tiles, leveling the table (one leg was 1/4” shorter that the rest) and turning a couple of 4” tiles into matching coasters.

Step 1: Tools, Materials and PPE

Straight Router Bits: 1/4” & 3/4”
Palm Sander
Sanding Block
Quick Clamps
Framing Square
Phillips Screwdriver
Utility Knife
Tape Measure
3/16” Notched Adhesive Trowel
Grout Float/Trowel
Grout Sponge
Tacky Cloth
Blue Masking Tape

Personal Protective Equipment:
Safety Glasses
Ear Plugs
Disposable Gloves

2- 12” sq. Glass Mosaic Tiles
Qt. White Acrylic Mastic/Adhesive
10# Non-sanded Grout (sanded grout may scratch the glass)
*13- 5/8 x #10 Woodscrews
*Tile Backer-Board
*Oil-based Stain “Natural” Color”
*Polyurethane Satin Finish Coat
*150-grit Sandpaper
*Grout Sealer
*Cork Sheet, Adhesive Backed
*2- 4” Glass Tile (scavenged)
*20”x18” Occasional/End Table with a 1” thick solid pine top
             * Indicates material leftover from previous projects. 
               Everything else was purchased at Home Depot
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cestes11 year ago
Great 'ible. Very thorough with clear and concise directions. I've been kicking around making a chess board but think a tiled table in a chess board pattern is the way to go. Thanks for the inspiration.
kminer49er (author)  cestes11 year ago
Sounds like a great project. Good luck!
Great instructable! How did you route the outside edge? Did you free hand or use a jig? Nice looking brew too?
kminer49er (author)  survivethetime1 year ago
The table came to me with the outside edge already shaped. If I had to do a similar cut I would use a Roundover Bit such as shown below.
Roundover Bit.jpg
julievojo1 year ago
kminer49er (author)  julievojo1 year ago
Branebot1 year ago
Gorgeous! This is a great idea and the outcome looks fantastic. I love the idea of using the washer to even out the legs. Thanks for sharing this!
kminer49er (author)  Branebot1 year ago
Thanks for the props :)
Good work sir your choice of colors and clear tiles was excellent
kminer49er (author)  longwinters1 year ago
Thanks for the positive comment.