Picture of End Ziplock Tyranny, Recycle Produce Bags!
I never buy something if I can get an equivalent for free. Why buy Ziplock plastic baggies at the store, when the store gives you plastic bags for free...in the produce department.

Here's a quick kitchen hack. Keep your produce bags and reuse them in the place of Ziplock bags for general refrigerator food storage.

OK GREAT! But then its bags, bags, bags, it always seems like you've got too many bags!

So lets figure out what to do with them so you can have an organized kitchen free from the corporate chains of the Ziplock and Syran wrap empires


fruit market photo originally uploaded by flickr user [Shayan USA]
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Step 1: Fine a Good Container

Picture of Fine a Good Container
The past two apartments I've moved into, I always seem to end up with wine chillers the previous tenant left behind. These work great. Or a large vase that works great too. Grab it and stuff those bags in there.

Step 2: Not So Easy...What About the Pesky Air?

Picture of Not So Easy...What About the Pesky Air?
You go to just stuff the bags in and they're full of air. You can only get a few bags in there. That's a waste of space!! So here's what we're going to do to get rid of all that hot air.

Grab each bag from one of the bottom corners.

Step 3: Squeeze The Air Out Of The Bags

Picture of Squeeze The Air Out Of The Bags
Keeping hold to the corners, use the other hand to slowly but firmly squeeze all air out of plastic bags. Just make it happen. Work it out.

Step 4: Stuff IT!

Picture of Stuff IT!
Stuff those airless bags in the container. Just have fun with it, really get it in there.

Step 5: Screw You Ziplock!

Picture of Screw You Ziplock!
No more useless dollars down the Ziplock toilet. You've just used your DIY hands on can do attitude to make you independent of the corporate man and ready for any plastic bag needs like wrapping up left overs to chilling pie dough. And you're recycling. FUN FUN FUN!
RadBear6 years ago
I just use my ziplock bags over and over for stuff like chips and cookies. Basiclly anythig that doesn't leave the bag all icky inside.
I even reuse all Icky inside" zipper bags, carefully washing and drying them IMMEDIATELY after use [or put 'em in the freezer immediately after use until ready to wash a few of 'em].

Works for me!
phoenix36 years ago
i think its great! woot woot fork dude!!!!
McDouche6 years ago
I note that no-one has rated, 4.5 stars for you (the last 0.5 stars only missing because you'll be ahead of me by 2.22 :( Also, nice instructable :P
While this is a good idea. It is probably more environmentally friendly to just use Tupperware in the fridge.
or pyrex (none of the yucky chemicals from the plastic)