End your Flea problems-How to make a $1 Flea trap in 5 minutes

video End your Flea problems-How to make a $1 Flea trap in 5 minutes
How to make a simple,safe,cheap and surprisingly effective flea trap.

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Robb Moffett

Flea traps are the best. THis is a good one. Thanks.

Katie57573 years ago
My understanding is that vibration, as in foot falls, in the house will attract fleas.. even if the house hasnt been lived in for months, the eggs will hatch.
I dont understand the attraction of a bowl of soapy water, unless you catch the flea first and cast it in to the bowl. What the purpose of the flea is, to have proteiin (blood) for the laying of eggs.
I stand corrected.. if need be.
ToolboxGuy3 years ago
I had one cat who was allergic to fleas, every bite would cause large scabs and hair loss. Advantage was an absolute godsend.

I would still highly recommend using Advantage or Frontline on your pets versus this method, unless of course, they're too thin to use these products safely.

While this may cut down on the flea population, I suspect this will not resolve your infestation. I for one would not want to leave these traps around my home for weeks at a time.

banker3 years ago
Won't your pet try to drink the soapy water that you so kindly left out for it?
Mastros3 years ago
Hmm... I wonder... Do I have a flee problem here?

Well, I've noticed some unexplained red spots, perhaps from bitings? And there's a lot of dust. So, I will definitely try this simple solution!!

Many, many thanks!
m3harri4 years ago
Why not show some after pics, with dead fleas?
georion m3harri3 years ago
The little white dog would be good for dusting!
Just kidding, good instructable.I'm going to try it!
Hmmm.... sounds interesting... let me try it out. :D
CaseyCase5 years ago
If you suspend a light a few inches above your tray of soapy water, the light and heat of the lamp will attract fleas to your trap.