Endfield Mk.1


Introduction: Endfield Mk.1

About: I'm a normal teen that does most of his time hanging out with friends and going to shooting ranges but on my birthday I got a whole box of kenx and ever since that day I have been snaping pieces togather an...

Hello i'm back. I'm sorry I have not done anything for a long time. I've had A very bad sickness but now i'm better and i've built the Endfield. it is accurate, powerful up to 45ft, and it is not piece consuming so look at the pros and cons
Great range
nice stock
never jams (Almost)
Sure fire
Very bad mag



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    Harsh. It may be generic but it's a hell of a lot better than most of the stuff that's been posted on here lately.

    that doesn't make it right for someone to post something as lame as this. and still, i agree that lately there have been too many posts of the same generic old 3 layer pin gun. it's only better in the way it looks, but that's not too complicated to make a simple gun like this that has no mechanism what-so-ever into something that looks good. thus, my harsh comment.

    well thats nice i'm trying to make old mechs better and why do you have to be so mean about i'm only a kid.

    I gunna have to agree with sharir here what are you trying to make better its a over-used mech?

    i am as well. i was 14 last january. and, this type of mech is maxed out. unless you invent some new concept using a similar mech, there's nothing you can do to make this type of mech better, so don't "i'm trying to make old mechs better" me.

    I think I'm a decent builder.

    Well good for you, would you like a medal?

    Really? I think I'am is that so bad?

    It's not bad, but the obvious glory hunting was not the best of decisions you could have made.

    yes i guess I was. I was just trying to get noticed out of all the good and bad knex'ers out there. Besides making good guns.

    Hmmm, it's ok. Nothing very new, but not too bad. 3*
    Improve the trigger a bit, it will shoot better

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    oh ok Thats bad besides i guess i have been making dumb guns so im used to it

    Also, if you have those little black wheels, add them on the white rods that stick out of the handle, makes it a lot more comfortable to hold

    ok. Not all your guns are that dumb. If you make an new one, try using other trigger mechanisms. Try usings senior wafflemans aug trigger, it blocks back pretty for (=more ram pull= more distance to travel before hitting the ammo= more power) and it's very smooth to pull. Also try to make the magazine further down the barrel, so the ram only hits the end, that gives maximum power

    I hope this helps
    greetings, mike/dr. richtofen

    I know you can find better building methods and mechs. I have a mech that could easily be adapted to this gun; my old AR-12 PII has the mech I speak of. And what I said about better building methods is to build bigger, stronger, sturdier, and more deadly guns. I know this gun is old and somewhat dated, but try using it as a base for better guns to come; see if you can modify it to shoot better (the ammo sometimes does not leave the barrel right). Have a nice day! :)

    cool but it looks a little piece consuming is it

    It isn't too piece consuming, just might seem that way for someone with little parts to build with, but overall you should be able to build it.